Artwork Submission Guides

To help you prepare your file for printing we have some guidelines that should be followed in order to obtain the best results.

Expand prints directly from PDF/X-4:2008 Files.

This type of file can be created with:

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 - All versions up to CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 - All versions up to CC.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 - All versions up to CC.


Please go through this list and make sure your file is created correctly.

• Leave crop mark and artwork layers on only.

• Include all Pantone colors as SPOT colors in the swatches palette (not process).

Except Pantone colors; all other artwork should be submitted in CMYK. Expand does not print in RGB.

• Convert all fonts to Outlines (fonts cannot be left active).

• Images should be built at 125-150 DPI AT FINAL SIZE.

• Final artwork must have all images embedded; no linked files.

• Only include artwork that is to be printed.

• Please include PO and quantities in file name Example: PO156234-X2.pdf

• If file(s) exceed 800MB, please flatten and/or reduce DPI and save as a Tiff.


CD/DVD: Expand International

Attn: Customer Service

400 Long Beach Blvd.

Stratford, CT 06615

PLEASE NOTE: Reference Expandbiz Displays, Project Name (and purchase order if available).

FTP: We host our own FTP site. To upload a file, please visit our FTP Site. Here you will find the Artwork Guidelines and Templates. Please remember to Zip files together to create a faster, compact, and more reliable upload process.


Place your artwork into the artwork layer of the template. Most Templates are created at 100%. DO NOT CHANGE TEMPLATE SIZES.

Bring your artwork all the way to the green bleed line to fill the template including cassette bleed.

When creating a mural, create as one complete piece of artwork and avoid splitting text at panel seams.


– Only Crop Marks print on final print file. Green cassette bleed and grey profile/end cap boxes do not actually print.

– Fabric stretches - keep all elements two inches from the red stitch lines to assure that they will not be stitched through; please bleed images and color all the way to the green bleed line.


Optimal results are achieved with images printing between 125-150 DPI at final print size. Images submitted that are larger than 150 DPI will create larger file sizes without a gain in quality. DO NOT rez-up images: this only pixelates the image more by adding artificial pixels. Please submit images at full size.


If you require color matching, it may add extra days to production and time for print proofs: please plan accordingly. If your project requires a Pantone® color match, please reference the Pantone® Solid Coated chart, and make sure the color is included in the file. You may also send a print for us to match. Due to different printers, ink and media, not all colors can be precisely duplicated. We strongly recommend ordering a print proof to approve any color matches.

PLEASE NOTE: For Rich Black use the following values: (C: 100 M: 100 Y: 80 K: 100)


Digital proofs are generated from the final print file. These proofs should be used for LAYOUT & CONTENT PURPOSES ONLY and not to judge color, or print quality. We can provide an electronic proof in either a .pdf or .jpg format. This service is provided free of charge. Please read the accompanying email thoroughly before sending approval as the notes section will identify any problems experienced during preflight.


If your project contains critical color or you are printing across multiple types of media, please request a PRINTED PROOF. While this does add time and a modest cost to your project, it is the only reliable method of evaluating color prior to printing. For inkjet prints you will receive a miniature 8.5” x 11” for layout purposes as well as a 8.5” x 11” section of the project at final size. For fabric you will receive a strip of about 6 square feet. This section may be requested by the customer for instances of logos or flesh tones. If a section is not specified, it will be at Expand’s sole discretion to select the area to be proofed.


The following are some guidelines as to when you can expect shipment of your finished order, If you require quantities larger than below, please  call us for lead time.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require your project sooner, please call us for lead time, rush charges may be applied.

Ships 2 business days after proof approval (in quantities of 10 or less)

  • Expand QuickScreen Family, Expand MediaScreen Family, Expand BannerStand, Expand XStand, Expand SmartStand, Expand M1 & M2:

Ships 3 business days after proof approval (1 complete unit 7 panels or less)

  • Expand 2000 and Expand Tower (For additional units call for lead time)

Ships 4 business days after proof approval (in quantities of 3 or less)

  • Expand BigFabric and Expand MediaFabric (This also applies to the ship date of print proofs)

Please remember that the electronic proof for your project is suitable for content and should not be used for judging color. If your project has critical color, we highly recommend a print proof. Although it adds approximately 2 days to the overall time line to most projects, the modest additional cost will ensure the highest quality standards.

All of us at Expand International of America, Inc. thank you for choosing Expand to help you with your graphic project. We are very proud of our reputation as the industry leader in quality point of purchase graphics and hardware. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results!