An extra wide, extra tall retractable display.

Expand MediaScreen XL

Expand MediaScreen XL

You can easily combine several Expand MediaScreen XL to create a large backdrop, using Expand's patented magnetic connectors located on the sides of the top profile.

  • Extra tall & extra wide (width up to 1.2 m, height up to 3 m)
  • Create a large backdrop by joining two or more displays together (with magnets on the sides of the top profile)
  • As easy to set up as our traditional retractable displays

    Profile Connector - $23

Expand MediaScreen XL

39 3/8" x 78 3/4"

39 3/8" x 88 13/16"

39 3/8" x 98 3/8"

39 3/8" x 118 1/8"

47 1/4" x 78 3/4" 

47 1/4" x85 13/16"

47 1/4" x 98 3/8"

47 1/4" x 118 1/8"

Print Media

A polyester fabric such as Expand PrintMedia 2101 is the perfect curl-resistant material for all Expand retractable displays. Expand PrintMedia 2101 works with Solvent, Eco-Solvent and Latex printers.

Black Nylon Bag

Delivered in a padded black nylon bag

Profile Connector

Multiple Expand MediaScreen 1 displays can be linked together with our optional connector. This connector is easily attached to the top profiles keeping them in alignment.  Please note: The gap between graphics is about 1/2" to 3/4".

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Join two or more displays with a simple "click"

Expand’s patented magnetic connector is located at each end of the top profile. It allows you to join several displays with a simple “click”, to create an even larger backdrop.

Expand MediaScreen XL Set up Instructions

Easy to set up

You can set it up the Expand MediaScreen XL in 30 seconds without tools or a ladder.

Download set up instructions


Expand MediaScreen XL Graphic Chart


Download the Expand MediaScreen XL  graphic panel size chart